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My quote that I live by:

Idolization is a major weakness. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and your potential will be limitless. Always push yourself to your limits physically, emotionally, mentally and intellectually, in the hopes of eventually surpassing those limits, only to create new ones for yourself.

To summarize myself in a few words, I would say I’m an independent and outside the box thinker with a global perspective.  I’m a former solider (US Army) and athlete, who eventually learned to use my brain to succeed professionally and provide a great life for my family.  I have a loving wife, Robyn, and some awesome kids!

At this stage of my life, I assume many roles.  I’m an entrepreneur, technologist, an investor (angel and traditional), an author, and a corporate executive.  Additionally, I have a strong passion for continuous improvement and philanthropic ventures, such as mentoring less fortunate individuals to unlock the secrets of success.  Out of all of those roles, the ones I am most proud of are that of a good husband and father.

Life can be very fulfilling and it is what you make of it.  Never miss an opportunity to make an impact.