Resilience: Improving Government and Constituent Services

Click here to read my July 2022 article regarding government technology and processes in American City and County. My observation and hypothesis is we don’t have a pure “security” problem, we have a “resilience” problem. We see with a ransomware attack that a negative actor exploited a single point of failure in the environment. If the data […]

The Life of a Transformation Executive – Six Rules

The life of a turnaround and transformation executive can be an interesting and highly lucrative path. In many ways, we are like the Special Ops of the corporate world, using an eclectic combination of soft and hard skills to shift an organization from dysfunction to high performance. There are few career paths that can bring […]

Game Changer

In my career, there were a variety of milestones and experiences which were formative moments. However, the most significant moment came around 2015 where I realized what the game actually is. Prior to this, my perception on career was completely misguided, which I discussed in my article “The Goal, Breaking Free, and Achieving Freedom” which […]

The Ozovek Family is Heading to Virginia!

As a bit of exciting news, I have been selected by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency to be their Chief Operating Officer (COO)!  This will entail working with the Commonwealth of Virginia to innovate and optimize their new model of delivering technology services to 63 state agencies and 55,000 state employees. To my colleagues and […]

A New Way to Look At Business Transformation Strategy

In today’s environment, businesses need to constantly assess and re-assess how the enterprise creates value for the end customer. This is particularly relevant today, in an environment marked by rapid disruption, volatility, and innovation. Businesses cannot rest on their laurels for very long, or else they risk being disrupted out of the marketplace entirely. Due […]

It is all about the Product – Roadmapping and Strategy

For many types of companies, the nature of the product is at the core of everything. This seems particularly relevant today as startup companies spring up regularly to try and attack a certain niche or disrupt an industry with an innovative idea. While there are many ideas, most fail as they are not effectively monetized. […]

ERP Programs – Best Practices

Out of the many types of projects and programs there are, the ERP program is probably one of the most expensive and complex. A running joke on many ERP implementations are that the budget is usually 2-3X the original estimate and if the project is complete within 12 months of the original estimate, that is […]

The Art of the Turnaround

Businesses are complex entities. There are a series of internal, external, and environmental factors that must be aligned in order to achieve success. Some businesses succeed in the long-term, but the overwhelming majority fail. Why is this? The leaders of a struggling business must realize they are heading for failure, right? Why are they unable […]

Bear and Correction Market Strategies

Volatility is back!  When such volatility occurs, this can be a tremendous opportunity to grow some short and medium term wealth.  In this article, I will share several strategies to do so.  Please keep in mind that this is not personalized investment advice and I do caution to understand your risk tolerance before executing any […]

The Goal, Breaking Free, and Achieving Freedom

I was born from humble beginnings. Very humble beginnings where my parents struggled extensively to make ends meet. When you grow up from that or a middle class background, the assumption is “if I can only get that big job, become a VP, then I will be set!” This may have been true at one point in […]