Game Changer

In my career, there were a variety of milestones and experiences which were formative moments. However, the most significant moment came around 2015 where I realized what the game actually is. Prior to this, my perception on career was completely misguided, which I discussed in my article “The Goal, Breaking Free, and Achieving Freedom” which […]

Bear and Correction Market Strategies

Volatility is back!  When such volatility occurs, this can be a tremendous opportunity to grow some short and medium term wealth.  In this article, I will share several strategies to do so.  Please keep in mind that this is not personalized investment advice and I do caution to understand your risk tolerance before executing any […]

The Goal, Breaking Free, and Achieving Freedom

I was born from humble beginnings. Very humble beginnings where my parents struggled extensively to make ends meet. When you grow up from that or a middle class background, the assumption is “if I can only get that big job, become a VP, then I will be set!” This may have been true at one point in […]

Minimum Wage: Facts and Myths

My wife was following a debate recently on social media regarding the minimum wage and asked me to write an analysis on this topic.  As a good husband, I have complied with this request and hopefully present this complex topic in a somewhat interesting and easy to follow manner. History: The minimum wage in the United […]

A Perspective on Fiat Monetary Systems

A fiat currency is currency that derives its value from government rather than the backing of a tangible commodity or resource.  The currency does not have any intrinsic value, but is used due to government decree.  A fiat currency only possesses a value through a social contract from those that will accept it.  Most of the monetary systems […]

The Revolution of the Bitcoin

The bitcoin was officially launched in 2009.  In the earliest stages, it was only known by a handful of users on select Internet forums.  Over time, it has expanded globally to be utilized for goods and services.  The value of the bitcoin economy has been estimated to exceed $1 billion USD, which is remarkable given […]

Case Study in Stimulus – ECB versus the Fed

Since the global economic crisis of 2008, we have seen strong recessionary pressures throughout the developed world.  GDP growth has been stagnant and the labor market has been sluggish.  Dealing with similar conditions, it is interesting to see the different approaches taken by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Federal Reserve to stimulate their […]

Disconnect between Unemployment Rate and Economic Progress

As of yesterday (8 November), the US unemployment rate (U-3) released for October was 7.3%.  The September 2013 figure was 7.2%.  While this indicates an improvement if we compare to a year ago (7.9%), I would not place much reliance on this figure.  The U-3 is calculated as follows:  jobless workforce who is actively looking […]

Quantitative Easing Explained

Quantitative Easing (or QE for short) is a central banking monetary policy to stimulate the domestic economy by increasing the money supply.  This has the effect of artificially keeping interest rates low.  The concept is since interest rates are low and there is extra money in the economy, consumer demand and spending will increase, thus […]

A Bi-Partisan View on the Affordable Care Act

Today, 1 October 2013, marks a significant milestone for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  On this day, the individual exchanges open and consumers can compare plans and register for coverage effective on 1 January 2014. The purpose of this post is to sort out some of the information out there, on both sides of the […]