Game Changer

In my career, there were a variety of milestones and experiences which were formative moments. However, the most significant moment came around 2015 where I realized what the game actually is. Prior to this, my perception on career was completely misguided, which I discussed in my article “The Goal, Breaking Free, and Achieving Freedom” which […]

A New Way to Look At Business Transformation Strategy

In today’s environment, businesses need to constantly assess and re-assess how the enterprise creates value for the end customer. This is particularly relevant today, in an environment marked by rapid disruption, volatility, and innovation. Businesses cannot rest on their laurels for very long, or else they risk being disrupted out of the marketplace entirely. Due […]

Bear and Correction Market Strategies

Volatility is back!  When such volatility occurs, this can be a tremendous opportunity to grow some short and medium term wealth.  In this article, I will share several strategies to do so.  Please keep in mind that this is not personalized investment advice and I do caution to understand your risk tolerance before executing any […]

The Goal, Breaking Free, and Achieving Freedom

I was born from humble beginnings. Very humble beginnings where my parents struggled extensively to make ends meet. When you grow up from that or a middle class background, the assumption is “if I can only get that big job, become a VP, then I will be set!” This may have been true at one point in […]

The Revolution of the Bitcoin

The bitcoin was officially launched in 2009.  In the earliest stages, it was only known by a handful of users on select Internet forums.  Over time, it has expanded globally to be utilized for goods and services.  The value of the bitcoin economy has been estimated to exceed $1 billion USD, which is remarkable given […]

Managing your Portfolio in 2014

For 2014, there are some economic trends that are influencing the investment strategies that I relay to my clients.  At a high level, I will present these below. Predictions and Trends: The bull equities market of recent years, fueled partially by QE, will not be as strong in 2014.  I would expect a low to […]

Low Volatility Investing

An investment trend over recent years has been low volatility investing.  This trend really gained traction after the global financial crisis.  This strategy is intended to smooth out market volatility and invest in defensive stocks, such as utilities, consumer staples, and healthcare. There are many products out there today that do this directly, such as […]

Time to get out of Treasuries?

Treasuries have been a safe haven for many investors across a long period of time.  Typically, these investments play a predictable role in a portfolio.  There is a strong assurance that the principal and interest will be paid on time and this predictability is enhanced by the fact that these securities do not have a […]

Family and Budget Sustainability

A topic that is very important to me has repeatedly come up in conversations with my wife.  This topic is sustainability of our household budget. This topic is even closer to me than one would initially expect.  When my wife was pregnant with our youngest son, she was working as a health care provider.  There […]

Donating to a Charity/Non Profit

You do not need to be rich to donate to charity.  In fact, the poor and middle class donate a larger percentage of their income than do the rich.  By donating (and volunteering), you will find a sense of satisfaction that is hard to duplicate. However, you may be wondering how do you select an […]